Who is the Hon Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini?
(aka BCT or Sachem Wequarran Archimedes )

  1. Primate Bishop, Cesidian Church
  2. Consecrator, Saint René Descartes
  3. Ecclesiastical Counsellor, Cesidian Church
  4. Certified Professional Chaplain, The Love Church Worldwide
  5. Chancellor, Saint René Descartes University
  6. Founder, The Tallini Family
  7. Sachem and Medicine Man, Ryamecah Confederation
  8. Meddís Túvtiks, Hernici Tribe
  9. Developer, Cyberterra Mean/Meridian Time
  10. Developer, Analytic theology (article)
  11. Developer, Cesidian calendar (article)
  12. Developer, Bucksfanian astrology (article)
  13. Developer, UMMOA English
  14. Developer, Societal geography (article)
  15. Governor & founder, United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago
  16. Regent, Paradiplomatic Affairs
  17. Managing Editor, International Media
  18. Guru, Global Earth Oceans
  19. Antarctica Foreign Minister, United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago
  20. First de facto Consul of Antarctica
  21. Registered Trademark Owner/Correspondent, UMMOA®
  22. Designer, whole island of Long Island or Winnecomaq flag (article)
  23. Author, Ryamecah Declaration of Indigenous Independence
  24. Author, I Giochi SIGNOR: Sport Integrati e Giochi delle Nazioni, Organizzazioni e Religioni
  25. Author, All Religions Are Cults: And What a Few Good Priests, Monks, Rabbis and Mullahs Can Do About It
  26. Author, The Fifth World: Micronationalism of Steroids
  27. Mayor, Fifth World Community
  28. President & cofounder, Cesidian Root
  29. Interim Deputy Minister of Information, Republic of Cabinda
  30. Attorney-at-Law, Law Society of Cabinda
  31. Diplomat, Government of Southern Cameroons
  32. Communications Director, Organization of Emerging African States
  33. Expert on the Indian Ocean and maritime environmental issues, Organization of Emerging African States Secretariat
  34. UMMOA Representative, Nations Without States
  35. Marquess of Ortanova (Holy Roman Empire) [hereditary title]